We, at ArtWallah, are challenging ourselves to raise $5000 in one month.  PLEASE HELP be a part of the success of the 2018 festival, ArtWallah LA: THRIVE!


Part of ArtWallah's success depends on the commitment of the communities we serve.

Our success depends on the financial support we receive directly from our community, and will ensure the continued existence of ArtWallah over the years. It will also catapult our event to the level where we can successfully compete for public funds and grants. We also desire to be an event that remains accessible to all, which can only happen if we have the funds necessary to cover the cost of putting it on.  Your contributions will go directly towards the event cost (venue fees, artist fees, production expenses, advertising & marketing, food & catering, and more). The organizing committee would also like to raise funds for new programing (for example: offering a scholarship for three young artists that participate in the South Asian Youth Exhibit, in 2018 and/or 2019).  ART cannot THRIVE without YOU!  Please help us rebuild this wonderful festival.

Thank you for supporting your community in building awareness about the issues that affect us and in celebrating our talents.