We're an evolving and eclectic group of artists and professionals who share a couple things in common: a passion for our South Asian identity and harnessing it to advance social justice for all. We think we're pretty fun and cool to get to know. 

Want to get involved? We need you - this work is collaborative, community-based, and needs multiple voices and perspectives in order to be a true representation of South Asian diversity. We're looking for voices across gender, sexual, religious, cultural, age, and work identity, as well as folks with social media, advertising, and fundraising experience. 

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2018 Volunteers: 

Sheetal Gandhi

Kunj Bhatt

Shyamala Moorty

Guarav Sharma

Yatin Parkhani

Dilshan Somaweera

Susan Areeckal

Aruni Wijesinghe

Neel Agrawal

Jayson Joseph

Shalini Bathina